The Unexpected Capture

A Portrait Photoshoot

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Having a little fun during a recent client photoshoot...

Getting to Fun

Ah, the unexpected capture. Most photoshoots have ebb and flow. Mine start with creating images most important to clients – their main reason for coming to me and goals for the session. Some want images for LinkedIn to help with a new job search or promotion. Others want images for business materials – a website, marketing brochures, business cards. Still others want images for corporate websites, dating sites, holiday cards, or social media banners. The list goes on. Ultimately, everyone has unique reasons for deciding to spend money on professional images. In each case, once we create and capture critical images, clients are ready to experiment, change things up. We swap backdrops, outfits, and even shooting styles, depending on the type of photoshoot plan selected. 

The other benefit is that at this point we have had time to work together. Clients are often more relaxed in front of the camera. They feel more comfortable playing with facial expressions than they do at the beginning of photoshoots.  

Oftentimes, it is at this point, captures produce unexpected session favorites for both myself and clients.

This one photoshoot was no exception. The man had specific goals. He scheduled a joint headshot and portrait photo session, so our time was free to create both types of images. We had worked together for a little while, reviewed sets of tethered images along the way, and decided how we wanted to shoot the next set. I knew what types of images he liked, and what he was going for – a full view portrait, from his shoes to the top of his head. In this playful moment, he supplied the unique expression, pointing out that not everyone has the ability to control their eyebrows. And he was right. Later I tried. Not one eyebrow muscle would move up or down yet alone independently. His image is now one of my favorites. Here’s hoping you get to that point at your next photoshoot and that you have fun!

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