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Value of Great Photography

Like many other professional photographers, I often wonder just what is the perceived value of great photography today. I see it a lot from many sources, most typically social media posts that query connections: “Does anyone know anyone good with a camera who isn’t too expensive?” I see these queries for Wedding Photographers, Portrait Photographers, Event Photographers, Real Estate Photographers, … heck, practically all types of photography. I see these requests in on-line ads from people querying absolute strangers. These posts and ads typically look for a trained worker – one who isn’t going to cost a lot of money – someone safe to work with, and one who will respond to an important event in a reliable and professional manner with skills, equipment, and experience sufficient to produce beautiful, insightful, and long-lasting memories. Each time I see these queries, I can’t help but wonder if the people posting them have thought through in detail what they are really looking for, what they are really risking, and what they are really willing to settle for.

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