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Finding the Best Headshot Photographer Near You

Finding the best headshot photographer near you is not easy these days with photography skills varying greatly and advertising dollars influencing top search results. Recently I searched online for the best portrait and headshot photographers near me according to the Internet and for those paying to appear first, in order to find who my nearest competition was, who was rating “best” photographers (along with criteria they used), and what I might do to increase market share. I searched for a list of photographers and clicked links leading to a couple well known sites. I did this in several geographic areas. I also looked at recommendations from two sites that train and promote their student photographers. Since portrait specialties vary, I thought I might be able to identify gaps in my imagery and/or offerings. Did I display enough of a contemporary look in my portfolio? Did I need to show more ¾ length portraits? Did I need more headshots vs. portraits? Did I need more images with different color backgrounds? Did I need to add environmental portraits, and so on.

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