There are four steps to booking a photoshoot and preparing properly for it:

1. Send your request using the Book Now button in the footer or in the main menu at the top of the page. Detail the type of photoshoot you seek, the style of photoshoot, where the images will be used to determine the correct usage licensing needed (urls), when you would like the photoshoot to take place ideally (they all start at 11:00 a.m. CST any day of the week), and what deliverables you would like beyond those included in the selected plan.

2. We will hold a 20 minute client conference call to discuss your request and answer any outstanding questions. During the call, be sure to mention your preferences around style, lighting, backgrounds, retouching, special issues or concerns, people you would like to also come to the photoshoot, etc. For tips on what things to consider, read the blog, “Finding the Best Portrait or Headshot Photographer Near You.”

Note 1: If you are a 3rd party calling for a friend, please know no 3rd party bookings are allowed due to personal information required and due to spammers and scammers impersonating others.

Note 2: If you are a business representative looking for corporate headshots or group photography, be sure to read the blog “When Not All Portrait Photography Is Alike.”

3. Pay the booking fee. Once agreement is reached and a date is picked for a session, a booking fee is required. The booking fee must be paid a minimum of two business days before a scheduled photoshoot. Exact payment only can be made. The Booking Fee applies to the total amount due the day of the shoot, providing you provide 48 business hours notice in advance if you have to cancel or reschedule. Failure to do so results in the booking fee becoming non-refundable and not applied to any future session. Please note your time is not confirmed as reserved for you until your booking fee payment is received in full.


4. PDF Documents. Once the booking fee is received, a PDF with Getting Ready instructions will be emailed to you. It contains details on what to do to get ready for your photoshoot. (Also read the blog post on what you can do to help ensure a great outcome.) The PDF contains information on what to wear, what to bring, etc. and typically is a review of what was discussed during the consultation call. However there are times when clients need to cut the call short. In that case the PDF helps to ensure all clients receive consistent information in advance. So be sure to review this document carefully. If you have questions, do contact Janice D Nelson Photography (You can text/call 630-414-6796 or email.) You will also receive a second PDF with driving directions and a map, in case you do not have GPS.

In general, since photographers need to showcase their work online and elsewhere, clients are asked to sign modeling releases stating they are aware their images may appear online, in marketing materials, photographic competitions, etc. for Janice D Nelson Photography.

If the client photographed is a minor, parental and/or legal guardian signatures are required from both parents on an additional modeling release. This form must be received (signed and unaltered) by Janice D Nelson Photography prior to completing the booking process. Please allow additional/sufficient time when scheduling photoshoots with minors.

Final images are released to clients only after final payment in full is received and all requested releases are received. Payment in full for the photoshoot and ordered items is required the same day as the photoshoot. Once images are ready, you will be emailed instructions detailed in a PDF. In general, please allow 1 to 2 days for post processing per image ordered. If you choose electronic delivery, finished images are uploaded to a Client Login page for you to download. Other methods of delivery are available at an additional cost. (Please see the a la carte menu for details.)

Typically sessions must be booked at least 3 days in advance. Scheduling requirements (phone consultation, full contact information, plan choice, background choice, special lighting preferences, setup requirements, etc.) must be completed and processed at least 48 business hours prior to a photoshoot.
Booking fees apply to the total amount due the day of the shoot with one exception. You must provide a minimum of 48 business hour notice for any cancellation or rescheduling request in order to receive a refund of your booking fee or in order to have the fee applied to your rescheduled shoot. Refunded fees exclude any (nominal) processing fees incurred. (Currently is the preferred processing vendor.)

On those occasions when you must have images on short notice (less than one to two days processing per image), you must notify Janice D Nelson Photography during the consultation call in order to determine whether the need can be accommodated.

Holiday work or rush work incurs additional processing fees based on the scheduled deliverables.