Mini Photo Sessions


No Time? Tight Budget? The mini session was developed in response to a specific type of request – local Chicago area companies interested in sending their employees, typically new hires, to Janice D Nelson Photography for un-retouched headshots. They wanted quick sessions because employees were coming on company time. They also didn’t want the added retouching expense. Thus, the mini session was created to meet this corporate need.

Another common characteristic of the mini session is that these companies typically wanted their images to match or blend with existing images. They have a particular crop, orientation, style, and look that replicates what they already have. For this reason, the sample images shown here have a somewhat different look than portraits displayed in the Portrait and Headshot Gallery.


Mini photo sessions are brief photo shoots geared towards corporate clients on a strict budget with little time who need a headshot (typically from the collarbone/shoulders up). The mini portrait session provides for one image with no retouching (processed but not retouched) and typically a quick turn around (24-48 hours). Files are delivered electronically at This is a no frills session available at the in-house studio only. Additional options (e.g., delivery via usb, second color profile, prints, full size digital, multiple looks, different backgrounds, retouching) are available at the a la carte pricing menu.

If you think you’d like more time and more image choices along with retouched images and a full set of optimized digitals, check out the Consolidated Portrait Pricing plan which starts at $194. It’s a great value for those who think they might want to try out different looks – formal and casual – and have up to 2 hours of shooting and a retouched image. Sessions are by appointment only at the in-house studio in Lombard.

Mini Portrait Session Details:

  • 15 minute session, in-house studio only
  • 1 look
  • 1 background
  • No retouching
  • 1 1024 pixel (short side) optimized digital file (JPG) exported in a specific color profile (sRGB or AdobeRGB)*
  • Electronic delivery via (You download the digital file when it becomes available; instructions and sign-in are provided in the notification email with attachment.)
  • 1 FREE 1024 pixel sRGB watermarked digital file licensed for your use on social media at sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Note: Watermark may appear in different colors. Varies by image.
  • Files are generally available within 48 hours for you to download
  • Additional options are available via the a la carte pricing menu (e.g., USB delivery, retouching**)

* The digital file is provided in a specific color profile based on how it will be used. If the file will be sent to a professional printer choose AdobeRGB. If the file will be uploaded and used on the internet, choose sRGB.

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