Business Portrait Pricing – Group Plan

Looking for a group portrait option that allows for multiple looks? The Group plan is perfect for you.

Overview of Business and Corporate Portrait and Headshot Photography Plans and Rates

There are two basic plans that do and don’t include retouching. First, decide if you have enough people needing headshots (12 person minimum) to incur travel and setup fees when a photographer comes to you/your place of business. If you do not meet the 12 person minimum – perhaps you are looking for headshots and portraits for individual new hires – you can opt for a mini session, where employees go to the in-house studio in Lombard. Next you decide whether or not you want retouched images. The plan on this page includes a small amount of retouching for each image. Mini-sessions do not have retouching built-in. (You can add retouching as a option off the a la carte menu page.)

The group plan accommodates corporate groups needing one or two looks per person – perhaps a formal and casual portrait or headshot per person. There is a daily setup fee of $150 and a daily travel/location fee (TBD) based on the shooting location. Taxes are not included. Additional expenses required are also not included – for example, makeup/hair/assistants, if applicable.

The Group plan provides digital images optimized for print and web and allows for multiple looks per person. The first portrait per person is $149. (Each 2nd portrait or look per per person is $75, allowing for both a formal and casual portrait per person.) There is a 12 person minimum. The plan provides:

  • Web optimized files with social media usage rights at sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus. Each portrait is watermarked and upload ready in sRGB format, 72 DPI, 1024 pixels on the short side.
  • A non-watermarked web optimized file with usage rights at LinkedIn only for each finished image. Files are in sRGB format, 72 DPI, 1024 pixels on the short side.
  • Each portrait also comes with a print optimized file for use in brochures and marketing materials. The files are in print ready Adobe RGB format, 300 DPI, and 1024 pixels on the short side. These print ready files are not watermarked.

In addition, this package includes:

Up to 15 minutes of retouching per portrait/look
Session fee
Up to 30 minutes of shooting time per portrait

The plan is designed to help your business present a common professional look, and your employees present a professional image across social media, websites, and printed content.

Great for: Large corporations, Medium sized businesses, and Small businesses with 12 or more people.