What Photography Plans Are Available?

Individuals, models and actors, corporate and executive headshot, and family (child) portrait plans are available, as is a commercial architecture plan. Additional plan links are available under Galleries, Plans, and Rate menus.

Portrait and Headshot Photography Plans

There are three basic categories of Portrait and Headshot Photography Plans – the Mini Session, the Consolidated Portrait Pricing Plan (CPPP), and a Fine Art plan. Mini sessions are only available to corporations and small businesses. There is a group plan for more than 12 people and an individual plan for select new hires available at the in-house Lombard, IL studio. Mini sessions do not include retouching. They do include one digital file that can be supplemented with retouching off the a la carte menu.

Benefits of the Consolidated Portrait Pricing Plan (CPPP)

The Consolidated Portrait Pricing Plan is for individual clients – models, actors, executives, linkedin users, social media users needing blog images, job seekers, seniors, children, graduates, teens and tweens, etc. The CPPP includes up to 2 hours of retouching and up to 2 hours of session time. This CPP plan works really well if you are not sure you want more than one image  and would like the flexibility of capturing different looks on different backgrounds … perhaps formal look and a casual look. Even different lighting is available. Be sure to discuss options and backgrounds you would like during your consultation call. Each session is custom and setup for the individual per discussions ahead of time.

Retouching Example, Before and After | Janice D Nelson Photography Lombard IL

Retouching Example, Before and After | Janice D Nelson Photography Lombard IL

Do I need Retouching?

Are you a corporation considering the mini plan? Not sure you need retouching? In the retouching GIF above, a great deal of retouching is used to illustrate the potential difference between an out of the camera image shot in RAW and one retouched. Not all images need to be retouched to this degree. Check out the images in the portrait gallery to see real world examples of final products. You can also visit the mini plan page to see examples of final products.

Photo Shoot Scheduling Tips

Typically sessions must be booked at least a few days in advance (3+). Scheduling requirements (phone consultation, full contact information, plan choice, backdrop and lighting choice, booking fee, setup requirements, etc.) must be completed and processed at least 48 hours prior to a photoshoot.

Rescheduling / Cancellations

Booking fees apply to the total amount due with one exception – you must provide a minimum of 48 hours (business days) notice of any rescheduling needs or cancellation, in order to receive a refund of your booking fee / to reapply your booking fee to your new photo shoot date.

Scheduling on Short Notice / Fast Image Delivery

For those occasions when you must have an image on short notice (i.e. less than 48 hours prior to a scheduled date), this can typically be accommodated. However, please note there is an additional $100 fee applied to the total amount due.

Holiday Photo Shoots

If images must be processed over a holiday weekend, there is a $100 holiday processing fee added to the total amount due.

Tips on Finding the Right Portrait or Headshot Photographer for You

If you plan on hiring a portrait or headshot photographer in the near future, be sure to check out these helpful blog posts:
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Photography Plans and Rates:

Links to additional plans listed under Galleries, Plans, and Rate menus.

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Business Portraits Group

This page reviews the Group Portrait / Headshot plan offered by Janice D Nelson Photography. Two options are available for corporations.

Model Headshots, Janice D Nelson Photography

Mini Photo Sessions

Are you a corporation with little time or money for multiple images? Mini-photo sessions might be just what you are looking for.