Newborn Photography

Scheduling Newborn Photography Sessions

Questions to Answer When Scheduling a Newborn Photography Session

Congratulations on your newest family member! It’s an exciting time, and I know it is important to you to capture images of those first precious two weeks. Please know at this time I do not photograph a lot of newborns. The reason is that there are other photographers nearby who specialize in this field. However, if you are still interested in having a newborn portrait created, please review the following:

Prerequisites for Scheduling a Newborn Photography Session

  • Full contact information is required, including where you are located and whether you are having a girl or boy (or both).
  • Whether you want to have the photo session at my location or yours.
  • If the session is held in your home, additional expenses are incurred.
  • Is proper lighting available?
  • Ideally I will want a photo or two of the environment, so that I can scope out the area and check the available lighting.
  • The room will likely need to be adjusted (lighting, removing clutter, making sure the background is not distracting). Are you comfortable with things being moved?
  • What deliverables you are looking for and what budget you are looking to stay within.
  • Would you like the result of the session to be prints only, prints matted, framed, and ready to hang, or digital.
  • Who will be attending the session with you and your baby, if applicable.
  • If brothers and sisters are going to be present, is someone going to be available to watch them while the baby is photographed?
  • Who else do you want in the photos? Pets? Siblings?

Knowing answers to the above will help me provide an accurate estimate, determine whether my setting or yours is appropriate, and whether I am the best photographer for you. Please allow an afternoon for the typical newborn shoot (one newborn).