Looking for a LinkedIn headshot? A modeling headshot? A business or family portrait? Three plans are available.

Up to 2 hours with retouching included. 1 image and a set of digitals.
Multiple looks. Multiple backgrounds.
And a brand new self image.




Headshots and Portraits



(Prices shown do not include sales tax)

There are three professional headshot and portrait photography plans:
  • All three photography plans provide up to a 2 hour photoshoot. One plan focuses on headshots. The other plan creates both headshots and portraits for you to choose from. And the third plan offers a bundled discount.
  • All headshot and portrait photography plans allow for different looks and backgrounds, retouching, a set of digitals, and usage licensing for personal or corporate websites, Linkedin, social media sites, and even professional printers (Adobe RGB or CMYK format, your choice).
  • All headshot and portrait plans provide clients with a minimum of 30+ images from which to choose.
  • All sessions discount additional images ordered ($175 each which includes a set of digitals and up to two hours of retouching). Please allow 1-2 days per ordered image.
In addition, other options are available such as banner pages, transparent images and more at the a la carte menu.

The best value is the Headshot and Portrait Plan as it provides clients with the most options to choose from. It is a great for clients who might arrive with one expectation and end up favoring another. Clients can experiment with different styles, types of images, looks, and backgrounds – and one retouched image with a set of digitals is included. Clients are then free to order more on an ad hoc basis (for $175 each, and that includes all the same options).

The $999 bundled plan is available for those who know they likely will need more than one image and might also make use of a banner for a website or a social media. The banner is free in this plan, so they save $99. This plan must be selected at the time of booking. (A banner is a long rectangular shaped JPG created using one of the other selected, retouched images. The background is extended to fit website pages or social media pages.) Banner images are created for specific sites so dimensions can differ. Be sure to mention the size you need when choosing this option.

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All photoshoots require an appointment and a phone consultation. There is a prepaid booking fee that applies to the total amount due the day of the shoot (as long as you don’t cancel or reschedule with less than 48 business hour notice). Steps are detailed in Scheduling a Session. Additional questions can be submitted using information in the Book Now section on the Home Page. Please remember to provide a contact number where you can be reached and a best time of day to call, if you would like a callback.

Because the initial image includes the cost of the photoshoot, the image itself, selection time, retouching, and licensing for use on the internet, at pro printers, social media, and Linkedin, initial image and photoshoots are $299 or $699. Additional images are discounted and reduce the cost per image captured during the session. Each additional image ordered is $175, including retouching, and a set of digitals with licensing.

When you order a digital image, the image is retouched and exported based on where it will be used. Images slated for the internet/web are exported in the sRGB color profile and saved as a JPG. The image also is saved in AdobeRGB format should you ever go to a high end professional printer that makes use of the larger color profile. Then there is licensing to consider. You also receive an sRGB image that is watermarked and licensed for your use on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Finally, LinkedIn uses a tiny circle currently, so you receive a 1×1 crop of your image also in sRGB format. All in all, for each image you order that is retouched, you will have 4 files to download. See “Deliverables” for a quick view of a sample.

You are coming to a small (cozy) in-house studio filled with lighting equipment and gear (not the best place for unattended children, for example). Also, clients can become distracted by friends. For these reasons as well as security reasons, no unplanned guests or last minute additions are allowed on premise. If you plan on bringing others, be sure to obtain prior approval.

All photoshoots start with consultation phone calls. During the call we will discuss what you are looking for in detail as well as want you want to achieve with your new imagery. We will discuss options and decide on the best type of wardrobe and makeup to help achieve goals. You’ll receive a PDF that reviews standard suggestions about wardrobe, make-up, jewelry, what to bring and more after the booking fee is paid and a date and time is locked in. 

Please know you do not have to adhere to makeup and wardrobe suggestions. If in doubt, if there is something you really want to wear as an example, you can bring the item of clothing to the photoshoot. We can create a few images and review them together. You can then decide after the fact whether you like the look. That said, it is strongly advised that you consider advice offered. At minimum, always bring backup wardrobe options to the photoshoot (women and men).

Yes, absolutely, feel free to do this. However, when getting made up be sure to consider the degree of makeup you normally wear and the type of makeup you normally wear. (For example, do not add a white primer underneath your base.) Some clients use very little makeup and prefer a more natural look. Others use a great deal of shading, masking, and heavy tools which do not always make for easy editing. For these individuals, it is best to consider that the camera captures every single pore, and it might be best to use only minimal makeup and bring additional makeup with you should you decide you’d like a bit more after viewing tethered images captured during the session. It is easier to put on makeup during retouching than to remove it. If you pencil in your eyebrows, consider using a soft angled brush and light powder instead of a heavy pencil. Make sure your base perfectly matches your skin color and that you use it anywhere skin is exposed (i.e., neck, chin). If you use lip liner, make sure the line is straight and smooth. Bring lip balm so your lips are not cracked and dry (especially in Winter). Also remember to bring remover. And think about your hairstyle. Is it free flowing or straight? Bring hair spray and a brush/comb for stray hairs. If you color your hair, consider whether roots are showing. If they bother you, consider touching them up before the photo shoot.

RAW digital images are captured during the photoshoot. All images undergo post processing to some degree as a result. Beyond this basic post processing, images are individually retouched. In the retouching images below, a heavy amount of retouching was used to illustrate the difference it makes on an unprocessed, out-of-camera RAW image. You can decide what areas you do and do not want retouched. You decide the degree of retouching. Each image undergoes custom work (based on the limits of the selected plan). What specifically is retouched is determined by clients during consultation calls, as well during discussions the day of the photoshoot. You can elect to have Janice D Nelson Photography determine the degree of retouching, if you like the images in the galleries (and if you have no preferences). You can also specify what to keep, the degree you want lines minimized, spots removed, or other aspects minimized. Take a look at the galleries and zoom in on images to see real world examples of different client preferences.

Please allow 1-2 business days per image selected for retouching, excluding additional portrait shoots that might be scheduled. If images are required over a holiday, additional charges are incurred. (We will reach agreement ahead of time on when your images will be delivered either during the consultation call or during the photoshoot.) If you need your images by a specific date and time, please be sure to mention this during your consultation call. Rush work incurs additional charges (scheduled and unscheduled). Typically only full orders are delivered. (If you order many images and need one or two immediately, be sure to mention this ahead of time.)

You can elect the preferred method of delivery. Use the a la carte menu for pricing options on tangible products.* Typically digital images are delivered electronically at the Client Login page. Clients are provided a PDF with download instructions.

*Taxes not included.

If you have additional questions feel free to ask them using the information in the Book Now section.

For details on retouching norms (including what kinds of things normally would and would not get retouched based on this image), also checkout “Finding the Best Portrait Photographer Near You” and “How to Be Nice to Your Headshot Photographer.”