Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Tip 1: If you are in the market for a Wedding Photographer, I strongly suggest you check out my blog The Value of Great Photography. The blog discusses some things to consider, some things to watch out for, and what you should ask about when choosing a wedding photographer.

General Information

I do not usually photograph Weddings, although I have on occasion. Wedding Photography is time consuming and requires at least two photographers and a videographer for best coverage. Also, due to the number of images captured, there is at least a month of post processing work (for one person) that follows. For these reasons, as I mentioned, I don’t usually photograph weddings. However, I will consider photographing weddings under specific conditions.
Tip 2: Another option to consider for wedding photos and bridal photos (in lieu of hiring a full day team) are in-studio portraits.

Contact Information – What Wedding Details to Provide

E-mail Be sure to detail your wedding photography needs including date, location, venue (e.g., type, number of guests, season, time, hours for which the venue is contracted) style, budget, type of coverage, deliverables, and your full contact information.

Alternative – Lombard, IL In-house Photography Studio | Bridal Portraits, Bride and Groom Photography

If you are looking for wedding portraits, bridal portraits, or wedding couple portraits on short notice (perhaps you are eloping or have a small budget), consider in-studio (Lombard, Illinois) wedding portraits taken on the wedding day or scheduled pre or post event.
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