Portraits and Headshots


Janice D Nelson Photography offers portraits and head shot photography services for individuals, business (executive leadership and corporations) and children. Options include:

  • Traditional and Contemporary Lighting
  • Plain backgrounds (white, black, gray, other colors), digitally textured backgrounds, and a hand painted canvas background
  • Tightly cropped head shots, traditional portraits, 1/1 ratio portraits cropped for LinkedIn, ¾ length portraits

Photography services are available at the in-house studio or on-location (additional costs incurred) for individuals and groups, executives, managers, small businesses, job seekers, new graduates, interns, teens, tweens, and more. Different portrait and headshot orientations are available such as traditional ¾ length portraits and contemporary headshots with a tight crop that focus on facial expression. Headshots and portraits are great for Social Media, LinkedIn, models and actors, blogs, or small and large business websites. Environmental portraits are also available, as are Fine Art portraits.

How to Schedule a Session

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Call 630-414-6796 or email info@janicednelson.com to book your session.


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