Portraits vs. Headshots

Compared to a headshot, when clients request a portrait photoshoot, they are requesting an image that focuses on more than faces.

Portraits are shot a variety of ways – full length, three quarter view,  waist up, etc. Many are created specifically as framed prints. (Janice D Nelson Photography also offers Fine Art Portraits.)

Who Schedules a Portrait Session

Portrait photoshoots are available to everyone. Portrait sessions are a good option for those who think they only want a headshots. At the end of many CPPP sessions, clients can then choose from vertical, horizontal, and close up images cropped into 1x1s for LinkedIn.


Both portraits and headshots are created from portrait photoshoots. Additional options include:

  • Traditional and contemporary lighting, (soft boxes, ring light, beauty dish)
  • Plain, textured, or canvas backgrounds

PhotoShoot Locations

Sessions are available at the in-house Lombard IL studio and can sometimes be shot on location for clients requesting environmental photos. (Imagine a restaurant owner photographed in a kitchen. That is an example of an environmental portrait.) Generally, portrait sessions are held at the in-house Lombard, IL studio. Location shoots receive written estimates ahead of time since they incur additional costs and charges.


Clients who schedule a CPPP portrait session and select an image for retouching are given several versions of their file. Clients receive:

  • One optimized digital srgb file for social media that is watermarked
  • One optimized digital srgb file for corporate websites that is not watermarked
  • One optimized digital AdobeRGB file for use at professional print houses
  • One cropped srgb file for LinkedIn (1×1)

How to Book a Portrait photo Shoot

See Book Now for information on scheduling a session.