Each ordered image comes with a set of digital deliverables. Here’s what is included with each image ordered:

Digital Deliverables You Receive
File sizes shown are smaller than deliverables.

For each image ordered with a headshot and portrait plan/headshot plan, clients receive four versions. Each version has a specific usage licensing. Also, each image is in a specific color profile based on where an image will be used. The following four versions are provided with each ordered image:

  • One sRGB (web optimized) 1024 pixel file on the short side, no watermark, usage license for personal and corporate websites
  • One sRGB (web optimized) 1024 pixel file on the short side, watermarked, usage license for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • One sRGB (web optimized) 1024 pixel file on the short side in a 1×1 crop for LinkedIn
  • One AdobeRGB file, no watermark, usage license for high end professional printers. (You may not ever need this full size file or color profile, as many professional printers use the smaller sRGB color profile.) If you prefer, you can request a CMYK profile instead of an AdobeRGB file. You must request this swap at the time of your photoshoot.


Clients needing commercial licenses, other deliverables, or different usage licensing should request them during consultation phone calls. For example, if you are an author needing a headshot for a book cover, be sure to request a commercial license at the time of your consultation call.

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