Frequently Asked Questions

Common Client Questions about Downloading Files

How do I download my files?

You will receive an email containing a PDF with download instructions. When downloading images, be sure to verify files sizes as some commands differ by browser.

How can I tell where each file may be used?

Each file will have a unique name that identifies its usage rights. For example, files that can and may be used on the web are in sRGB format. And if they may be used for social media they will have “social media” in it. If they are for corporate websites, that too will be part of the name.

How do I store files?

You should make several backup versions on different media, as media types go out of fashion. Remember beta tapes? Vinyl? No? Exactly. So be sure to save your images to different media and backup types like USBs, CDs if you have them, and on-line storage along with your computer. Clients are responsible for maintaining long term backups.

Can I edit the images?

No. Janice D Nelson Photography offers full non-commercial usage licenses and does not sell editing rights which are much more expensive. Most clients typically do not need editing rights. Full usage rights for the web, LinkedIn, social media, and professional printers meets the needs of most clients.

Is there anything else I need to do after downloading my files?

Yes. You mush let me know you received your files, so that I can remove them from whatever online storage vehicle you downloaded them from. In addition, I want to make sure you are happy with your images, so be sure to provide me with feedback. All clients should email me this information.

How long do I have to download files?

In general clients should download images within a day or two of receiving notice images are ready. If more time is needed, respond to the email with how much additional time is needed.