Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive an email containing a PDF with download instructions. Be sure to compare file sizes as come “save” and “save as” commands produce only small thumbnails.

Each file will have a unique name that tells you whether it is for web use or a professional print house. Also each name will tell you what user licensing it has. For example, an sRGB file will be for use on the web. Then the name will tell you whether it is for a social media site, a corporate website, or a site like LinkedIn. Files that are used on the web at social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are watermarked. The other files are not.

You should make several backup versions on different media, as media types go out of fashion. Remember beta tapes? Vinyl? No. Exactly. Save your images to a USB, a CD, a backup drive, your computer, even maybe your phone by sending them to yourself. Save them to an on-line storage media, if you use that. Also do this immediately because as soon as you have your files and you email me that you have them, I will delete them from the download site. Clients are responsible for maintaining long term backups.

No. Janice D Nelson Photography offers full non-commercial usage licenses and does not sell editing rights. Editing rights are very expensive and typically not needed. If you need another version of the file – for example, a black and white version for a book cover, as one example – please visit the a la carte menu for add-ons that are available.

As mentioned, after you download each image to your computer, you must backup the files to a safe place for storage. 

You must also email me, letting me know you have your images and what you think of them. Clients are responsible for safely maintaining backup copies on different storage devices – backup drives, USBs, CDs, the cloud, etc.

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