Before She Sleeps

Fine Art Print, "Before She Sleeps"; all rights reserved
Fine Art Print, "Before She Sleeps"; All rights reserved

Fine Art: Black and White Long Exposure Photography

August is a beautiful time of year. It’s still Summer and sunsets can, at times, display glorious colors throughout the house. Some days a beam streaks from the West and highlights the entire floor, from the back to the front. I love this time of year because of the silent array of sunset colors it brings. It’s palpable. The warm setting sun rests across my hands and eases them. For many people, the day stops.

Everyone watches beautiful colored sunsets. This day, the same feeling of comfort and peace came over me. I was visiting the Bean at Chicago’s Millennium Park. It was just before sunset. The park was still moving with people enjoying the remnants of the day. Then a deep, still quiet set in, as the sun cast lowered across the sky in my mind.

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