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These photography blogs were written by Janice Nelson. Some are pictorial in nature, such as two about the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s annual Open House. Others contain photography tips important for those thinking of hiring professional photographers. Still others provide a behind-the-scenes view. And a couple blog posts preview fine art images.  I hope you find these posts helpful. If you have suggestions on any you’d like in particular, send your request to

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Chicago Botanic Gardens, Glenview IL

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Corporate group headshots

When Not All Portrait Photography Is Alike

No, this isn’t a blog post about one photographer being better than another or why you need to look for a photographer with specific training or portfolio. It is about understanding different types of portrait photography, so that you can best choose a photographer. Since this is not a subject many consider, I believe it is worth mentioning.

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Photography Tips

The Value of Great Photography

I see it a lot from many sources, most typically social media posts that query connections: “Does anyone know anyone good with a camera who isn’t too expensive?” I see these queries for Wedding Photographers, Portrait Photographers, Event Photographers, Real Estate Photographers, … heck, practically all types of photography. I see these requests in on-line ads from people querying absolute strangers. These posts and …

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The Unexpected Capture

Ah, the unexpected capture. Most photoshoots have ebb and flow. Mine start with creating images most important to clients – their main reason for coming to me and goals for the session. Some want images for LinkedIn to help with a new job search or promotion. Others want images for …

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The Bean

The Bean

Blog post about Chicago’s Millennium Park, Cloud Gate (the Bean)…

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Newborns: Baby 1, Lots of Attitude
newborn photography


I wanted to try my hand at newborn photography for a while now, for several reasons. First, I stumbled across some wonderful photography by Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden I admired. I wanted to see what I could produce and learn from the new type of photography experience. Second, because I studied photography for a while …

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Lilacia Park in Spring; Lombard IL Walkway
Landscape Photography

Lilacia Park, Lombard IL

The “Lilac Town” in Lombard, Illinois has a pungent park named Lilacia Park. Many people in the Chicago area are familiar with it. It’s a small plot of land …

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how to learn photography

How to Learn Photography

This is a different kind of article on how to go about learning photography. It is about where to begin. It presents a strategy for learning photography …

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Finding the Best Portrait or Headshot Photographer Near You, Header Image
Best Headshot Photographer

Finding the Best Portrait or Headshot Photographer Near You

Recently I searched online for the best portrait and headshot photographers near me, at least according to the Internet, in order to find who my competition was, who was rating best photographers on-line and criteria was used, and what I might to do to increase marketshare. I searched for a list of photographers and clicked links leading to a couple well known sites. I did this in several areas, and…

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Deciding How Much to Pay for a Professional Headshot or Portrait

Photography prices vary. A lot. And this price difference can be difficult for clients to wrap their minds around, especially if they view professional headshots and portraits as something quick, simple, and easy to capture. Many of these clients think of a professional headshot as little more than a slightly improved click of the shutter, not worth the expense…

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Chicago Botanic Gardens Glenview, Walkway
Landscape Photography

Chicago Botanic Gardens

I visited the Chicago Botanic Gardens recently for the first time. I had heard descriptive superlatives for years from those who regularly make the trip. Still I was surprised. The grounds contain unabashed, unbridled beauty – filled with unique flowers and horticultural greenery. I should have brought my macro lens, but opted for the versatile 24-105mm and left the tripod in the car.

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Fine Art Print, "Before She Sleeps"; all rights reserved
before she sleeps

Before She Sleeps

August is a beautiful time of year. It’s still Summer and sunsets can, at times, display glorious colors throughout the house. Some days a beam streaks from the West and highlights the entire floor, from the back to the front.

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Male Headshot, Gray Background

14 Tips for Getting a Great Headshot

So you want to make sure you have a great headshot or portrait session, but don’t know what you can do to help ensure a good photoshoot outcome. Here are some tips:

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