In-studio Bridal, Wedding Couple Portraits

In-studio Bridal Wedding Portraits
In-house Studio Bridal and Wedding Portraits

Bridal Portraits

In-Studio Bridal Wedding Couple Portraits are offered by Janice D Nelson Photography in Lombard, Illinois.

Every Wedding Day is special, regardless of a couple’s age or circumstance. Sometimes it makes most sense to supplement a Wedding Day ceremony with in-studio bridal portraits or wedding portraits. Perhaps a couple is eloping. Maybe a wedding is on short notice, and it is too late to schedule a wedding photographer. (Wedding Photographers are often booked a year in advance.) Maybe it’s a couple’s second marriage. Whatever the reason, when there is not going to be a large, traditional event that includes a photographer and videographer, in-studio portraits can help ensure special moments are captured. If you are scheduling a photoshoot post wedding, Fine Art Portraits can also be created to match a home’s decor/color scheme.

Bridal Portraits and Wedding Portraits can be scheduled the day of the event (if scheduled in advance), pre, or post event. Please use the Book Now link to schedule a call to discuss your unique photographic needs or request a custom quote. 

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