Model and Actor Head Shots

Are you a model or actor in need of head shots? Do you also need comp cards? Are you working with an agency and need a specific look or style? Email the type and number of looks needed, agency, and number of comp cards to info@janicednelson to request an estimate. Headshot pricing ranges from $399 – $600.

Are you an individual or business professional looking for a headshot to use on LinkedIn or social media? If so, please visit the Consolidated Portrait Pricing Plan.

So You Want to Be a Model

First a disclaimer. I offer this advice based on experience years ago. Many years ago. In fact, after I wrote the next couple paragraphs, I realized my advice was pre-Internet, so you may already know this and much more, if you’ve done your homework. For those who may just be starting out down this path, I thought I’d mention this anyway…just in case. Also, please know this advice is meant for your best interests.


Do contact (call or email) the major modeling agencies in your city. Find out if they have open calls (specific days and times) in which new, unknown budding models can stop by. If they do, find out what if anything they require you to bring. Some request only snapshots. Many times the major agencies will provide information on their sites regarding the kinds of imagery they seek. If they don’t, then take some time to look at the images of who they represent. This will point you in the right direction on the type of images you’ll need. If they do require professional images, ask if they recommend complete comps or individual prints. They likely will give you the names of photographers with whom they prefer to work. Many times they will tell you they don’t want you spending money ahead of time – especially if they are going to give you cold, hard truth. So do NOT spend money on professional photography without contacting the agency with whom you want to register. And if your desired agency turns you down, before becoming dejected, consider another agency and re-evaluate where you see yourself fitting into the marketplace, based on the agency’s feedback. Then call other agencies who handle that.

Once you are ready to have professional images for comps and you contact a photographer, be sure to let the photographer know the agency you are trying to get in with and the type of look and deliverables you will need.

And watch out. There are unscrupulous photographers out there. If you are a minor, bring your parent or guardian with you to your session. If a photographer tells you they want you to do something you might be even slightly uncomfortable with, do NOT do it. It is not necessary to get great pictures. The pros I know are respectable and professional. Seek advice from the agency you wish to work with.