Scheduling a Session

The Scheduling Process

Contact Information

  1. Send Your Request using the Contact Form: Using the Contact Form, send your initial request with your full contact information. Full contact information is required to complete the process of scheduling a session. Full contact information consists of your legal first and last name, home and work address, cell phone, and email, etc. (Please know for security reasons, this information is required for all individuals coming to the in-house studio – including companies scheduling multiple individuals. Full contact information is required for each individual coming to the studio.) Please specify the type of photoshoot you are looking for, when you need the session, and what deliverables you need.
  2. Client Conference Call: We’ll schedule a call to discuss your request. Be sure to discuss preferences around style, lighting, backgrounds, looks, and retouching, special issues, etc. For more detailed tips on  things to consider, be sure to read the blog “Finding the Best Portrait or Headshot Photographer Near You.” If you are calling for a business or corporation looking for group photography, be sure to read the post “When All Portrait Photography Is Not Alike.”
  3. Booking Fee: Once agreement is reached and a date is picked for a session, a booking fee is required. The booking fee must be paid a minimum of two business days before your scheduled session. Exact payment only can be made. Note: The booking fee applies to the total amount due in most circumstances. However, a minimum of 48 hour rescheduling or cancellation notice is required or the booking fee becomes non-refundable.
  4. PDF Documents: Once the booking fee is received, a PDF will be emailed to you that contains details on what to do to get ready for the photo shoot. The file will contain information on what to wear, what to bring, etc. This will likely be a review of some or most of what was discussed during the initial consultation, but you should review the PDF to ensure you are familiar with what to expect the day of the shoot. You will also receive another PDF with driving directions.

Prerequisites for Your Photo Shoot

  • Modeling Releases: In general, since photographers need to show their work on-line and elsewhere, clients are asked to sign a model release stating they are aware images from their sessions might appear on-line at the Janice D Nelson Photography website and elsewhere in marketing materials, promotional articles, and more.
  • Child/Minor Modeling Releases: Also, if the client being photographed is a minor, parental signatures are required from both parents or guardians on an additional child modeling release form.

When images are released to clients

  • Final images are released to clients only after final payment in full is received. Payment in full is required the day of the shoot.
  • In general, please allow one day of post-processing for each image selected for retouching.
  • If you select electronic delivery, finished images are uploaded to the Client Login page. Other methods of delivery are available at an additional cost. Please see the a la carte menu page for pricing and options.
  • From there clients download each image from a personal login page. Instructions are provided both on-line and in a PDF sent once images are ready.

Photo Shoot Scheduling Tips

Typically sessions must be booked at least a few days in advance (3+). Scheduling requirements (phone consultation, full contact information, plan choice, backdrop and lighting choice, booking fee, setup requirements, etc.) must be completed and processed at least 48 hours prior to a photoshoot.

Rescheduling / Cancellations

Booking fees apply to the total amount due with one exception – you must provide a minimum of 48 hours (business days) notice of any rescheduling needs or cancellation, in order to receive a refund of your booking fee / to reapply your booking fee to your new photo shoot date.

Scheduling on Short Notice / Fast Image Delivery

For those occasions when you must have an image on short notice (i.e. less than 48 hours prior to a scheduled date), this can typically be accommodated. However, please note there is an additional $100 fee applied to the total amount due.

Holiday Photo Shoots

If images must be processed over a holiday weekend, there is a $100 holiday processing fee added to the total amount due.