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Contact FORM: Submit Your Photography Request for a Photoshoot Session Here

To submit a request for a photo shoot, please complete the contact form below.

If you are looking for professional headshots or portraits, please describe what you are looking for in as much detail as possible (if you have preferences in mind already), for example, where you want to use the photo (e.g., linkedin, printed portrait for your living room), desired photoshoot location (additional charges are incurred for all non in-house studio photoshoots), the number of people in the photo / number of people coming with you to the photoshoot, what kind of background you want (see the blog post on choosing backgrounds), the budget you are hoping to stay within, etc.

Due to spammers and scammers, only requests containing full contact information and a basic description about the photography request, deliverables, budget, and time frame will be responded to. No third party requests (you are scheduling for someone else but not providing their contact information) are accepted.

Note: Please know all photoshoots require a pre-consultation phone call, prepaid booking fee, and scheduled appointment. On-location shoots typically also receive a written estimate.

Contact Form: