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How to Book a Photography Session

If you would like to book a photography session, please review the pages Scheduling a Session and Rates. Then click Contact and complete the form to request a photoshoot.

If you are planning to book a Consolidated Portrait Pricing Plan session (CPPP), be sure to check out the Headshot and Portrait Plan page. In general CPPP sessions can be scheduled any day of the week and usually begin at 11:00 a.m. All appointments require a consultation call to discuss details and deliverables of the photoshoot as well as a booking fee to lock in and reserve a date and time. All photoshoots are by appointment only.

When completing the form, be sure to include your full contact information (home and work…name, addresses, phones, etc.), type of session you are interested in, deliverables including medium (i.e. electronic delivery vs. USB, prints, CD, DVD, book, etc.), and the date by which you need finished images.

Note: Please know due to an increase in the number of scammers, spammers, and for security/payment reasons, only inquiries with complete contact information that is verifiable are responded to – no hidden, phony/disguised e-mail addresses, no P.O. Box Addresses, no people writing on behalf of others, etc.