Chicago Botanic Gardens | Glenview Illinois

First Visit to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, Glenview Illinois

I visited the Chicago Botanic Gardens recently for the first time. I had heard descriptive superlatives for years from those who regularly make the trip. Still I was surprised. The grounds contain unabashed, unbridled beauty – filled with unique flowers and horticultural greenery. I should have brought my macro lens, but opted for the versatile 24-105mm and left the tripod in the car.

Since I hadn’t been there before, my strategy was to check out the 385 acres, nine islands, 26 gardens, and four natural areas one section at a time after learning, unlike Morton Arboretum, they do not have drivable roads for unknowing visitors. Novices can bike, walk, or take a tram through the grounds, but without roads for vehicles, it is impossible to see everything first and then choose an area to visit in detail. The grounds are efficiently laid out, however, so I was still able to see many well-known areas. I, too, will have to pay more visits to adequately cover the grounds.

Images from the chicago Botanic Gardens, Glenview IL:

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