I love photography. Photography inspires. It elevates the soul.
A photograph draws you into a moment in time, one always already history, sometimes historical.
None of the photos here are historical.
They are all just as meaningful to me, however, if only because they are captured.

Natural Light Portraits, Janice D Nelson Photography

When Not All Portrait Photography Is Alike

This blog talks about the different types of portrait photography specialties, how to distinguish between them, and what to look for when choosing a group photographer for corporate or business photo shoots.

Fine Art Portraits, Marketing Imagery, Modeling Comps, Janice D Nelson Photography

The Value of Great Photography

I see it a lot from many sources, most typically social media posts that query connections: “Does anyone know anyone good with a camera who isn’t too expensive?” I see these queries for Wedding Photographers, Portrait…

Graphic for blog post - How to Learn Photography copy

How to Learn Photography

This is a different kind of article on how to go about learning photography. It is about where to begin. It presents a strategy for learning photography …

Newborn Photography by Janice D Nelson Photography (


I wanted to try my hand at newborn photography for a while now, for several reasons. First, I stumbled across some wonderful photography by Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden I admired. I wanted to see what I could produce and learn from the new type of photography experience. Second, because I studied photography for a while …

The Bean, Cloudgate, Millennium Park, Chicago Illinois

The Bean

Blog post about Chicago’s Millennium Park, Cloud Gate (the Bean)…

Lilacia Park in Spring; Lombard IL Walkway

Lilacia Park, Lombard IL

The “Lilac Town” in Lombard, Illinois has a pungent park named Lilacia Park. Many people in the Chicago area are familiar with it. It’s a small plot of land …

Limited Edition, Black and White Fine Art Print: "Before She Sleeps," Chicago, Illinois, Millennium Park

Before She Sleeps

August is a beautiful time of year. It’s still Summer and sunsets can, at times, display glorious colors throughout the house. Some days a beam streaks from the West and highlights the entire floor, from the back to the front.

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