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Your image matters more than ever. Look at your phone. Swipe through it. Are you looking at images? Look up at the signs that pass by as you drive. Flip through magazines while you wait for an appointment. Surf the Internet. On Social Media? What captures your attention? Everywhere you look images make a statement. Why not improve yours?

About Janice D Nelson Photography

Janice D Nelson Photography is located in Lombard, Illinois. Several headshot and portrait photography plans and rates are available. Looking for a new LinkedIn headshot to help a job search? Want to choose from both headshots and portraits? Need digital images for a website as well as social media? All headshot and portrait plans come with a minimum of a two hour session. You can choose from multiple looks, backgrounds and lighting (lighting when planned in advance during a consultation call). Not sure what to wear? You’ll get basic recommendations and a PDF for review. You can even elect to have the wardrobe you plan to bring reviewed ahead of time.

Want digitals with full usage licensing? No problem. The plans come with digitals and usage licensing for LinkedIn, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and even a file for pro printers. All internet digitals are optimized. The Social Media file is watermarked. All files are high resolution. And you can have all this starting from $250, and that includes retouching. Think you might want more images from your photoshoot? You’re covered. Additional images from the session are available for $175 each including digitals, licensing, and retouching. Need your image made into a custom profile header for a social media site? Add-ons are available at the a la carte menu.

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Headshot Only Graphic


Book a headshot shoot to capture closeups and keep the focus on the face​.

Headshot or Portrait

Headshots and Portraits

Book a headshot and portrait session to capture 3/4 length, closeups, and portraits. Then choose from the full collection.

Plans include:

2 Hour Photoshoots
Multiple Looks
Multiple Backgrounds
Digital Image
Licensing for Web, Print, Social Media including LinkedIn

Female, Black Background, Portrait
Sample 1x1 Crop

Several galleries are available for review. This Home page contains headshots and portraits. The Links section (bottom) contains links to other galleries. A User Sitemap is available in the Main Menu.

(Click on an image to open up the gallery and display it full screen.)

A headshot is a tightly cropped image that focuses on the face. Headshots fill a frame from the collarbone on up or slightly lower. They may even crop the top of the head. Expression and energy are especially important in a headshot because the focus remains squarely on the face. (A portrait might show a 3/4 view, full view, or be shot from the waist up.) Modeling headshots are generally cropped vertically as 8x10s and shot from the chest or waist. Headshots are great for Social Media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Typically LinkedIn headshots are cropped at a 1×1 ratio (with the height and width equal length).

Headshot and portrait photography services are available at the in-house Lombard, IL studio. If you are not sure you want to book solely a headshot session, consider scheduling a headshot and portrait session. Clients who schedule any headshot or portrait session select one image for retouching and receive the following digitals with usage licensing:

  • One 1024 short side (SS) optimized digital sRGB JPG licensed for social media (watermarked)
  • One SS optimized digital sRGB JPG licensed for corporate websites (no watermark)
  • One digital AdobeRGB JPG licensed for use at professional print houses (no watermark)
  • One SS optimized cropped sRGB JPG licensed for LinkedIn (1×1) (no watermark)

(Click on an image to open up the gallery and display it full screen.)

Taxes not included


$ 250
  • 30+ Selections
  • 2 Hour Photoshoot
  • Multiple Looks
  • Multiple Backdrops
  • Up to 2 Hours of Retouching

Headshots and Portraits

$ 299
  • 30+ Selections
  • 2 Hour Photoshoot
  • Multiple Looks
  • Multiple Backdrops
  • Up to 2 Hours of Retouching
Best value

Fine Art

$ 699
  • 50+ Selections
  • 6 Hour Photoshoot
  • Multiple Looks
  • Multiple Backdrops
  • All Retouching Included


No, this isn’t a blog post about one photographer being better than another or why you need to look for a photographer with specific training or portfolio. It is about understanding the different types of portrait photography, so that you can best choose a photographer. Since this is not a subject many consider, I believe it is worth mentioning.

A while back I was asked, “how do you handle reshoots?” It occurred to me the individual was possibly confusing portrait specialties. The caller was looking for a group rate for up to 40 corporate executives and other business professionals, all captured and delivered in one day. The images would be used for print and web marketing. I explained I don’t offer reshoots at no charge, because I shoot tethered and clients choose final images for retouching during photoshoots. This also means time must be allocated per person to do this. Logically, this does not work well for those looking to schedule dozens of images into a one day photoshoot…


Please know the Lombard in-house studio is not a walk-in facility. All bookings are by  appointment only and require a prepaid booking fee ($100) and consultation call to reach agreement on session requirements, deliverables, photoshoot date, time, getting ready instructions, workflow, number of people coming to the photoshoot, etc.  By completing this form, you are requesting a consultation call. 

CPPP sessions start at 11 a.m. CST and require 3 days in advance scheduling. Sessions typically can be scheduled any day of the week, excluding holidays. Additional fees incurred for rush or holiday work. 

Booking fees typically apply to the total amount due the day of the photoshoot (are deducted from). However, booking fees become non-refundable for all cancellations, no-shows, and last minute rescheduling requests that do not provide a minimum of 48 hour (business days M-F) advance notice for any cancellation or rescheduling request.

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